Mentoring Mondays

Did the Job Leave You?

Mentoring Mondays is a weekly facilitated peer support group with a focus on tuning up your work search skills, benefitting from the collective wisdom of group members while understanding the challenges of job loss.

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Laid Off? You are not alone.

Join Mentoring Mondays, a weekly facilitated peer support group, with a focus on tuning-up your work search skills, benefitting from the collective wisdom of group members, all while understanding the many challenges of job loss.

Let volunteer facilitator, Kate McGoey-Smith, DipNrsg, MSW, RSW, FM. assist you in identifying how your many skills, talents, experiences, education and training can be transferable assets to a future employer.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D.
John Dutton Theatre Library

Time & Place

We meet weekly - for specific Calgary locations, dates, times and agendas, please check postings on LinkedIn Mentoring Mondays Calgary or on the Laid Off Calgary Facebook Page.


Make these positive assumptions

1. Feel safe: what is said here; stays here - uphold confidentiality.

2. Feel heard - actively listen - avoid interrupting, side conversations, silence devices.

3. Feel accepted:  share feelings and experience, not advice - avoid judgement.

4. Feel encouragement, support and feedback that contributes to their development.


Just some of the things we discuss each Monday

1. Creating a job hunting schedule for yourself.

2. Tapping into the hidden job market.

3. Breaking down the job ad to create a targeted resume.

4. Effective interviewing techniques.

5. How to deal with challenging interview questions.

6. Negotiating a work contract.

7. Keeping your network alive and well during employment.